Free Designer Teahouse by The River

Commercial Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Foshan Zhongheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Architect / Designer: Jun Xie

Country: China

Nature of space: commercial drinks
Main materials: washing stone rice, pressing cement, iron parts, burning sesame black stone, logs, black aluminum
The project is located in the Ronggui Diesel Engine 1959 Creative Industry Park, the original appearance is an old private house, from the exterior to the interior transformed into a tea shop. The owner’s business philosophy is “taste Sichuan Gaiwan tea and enjoy yourself”. In order to break the limitation of the low height of the old houses, the façade of the main entrance is decorated with a long black aluminum, which visually raises the height of the entire old building and looks more calm. The façade wall is painted white, with a triangular roof and carved tiles as the roof, and the modern technique is combined with the washing stone rice of the façade, which is just right to achieve a high degree of integration with the surrounding natural Lingnan water village style. In order to make great use of the space and protect the privacy of guests, a hallway is designed at the entrance as a buffer zone, decorated with 2 old-style doors with half-flowers in log color, and a low cabinet with classical blue painted flowers to make the entrance more charming. The project also uses a large number of old-style glass windows, which not only makes the entire building full of indoor light, but also introduces the natural scenery of the outdoors into the interior.The breeze on the small river gently enters the room, allowing guests to feel as if bathing in nature, washing away the hustle and bustle and fatigue of the modern city, and making people truly enjoy “ease” by one person.
The spiral staircase winds up in gray to fit the whole design style. The second floor is eye-catching. The black aluminum strips of the façade are reflected through the daylight to the floor slab, forming a reflection that is artistic. The triangular roof color is decorated with logs to enliven the whole space, and with symmetrical techniques, two large pieces of white glass are inlaid to bring the lighting to the end. The second floor was originally a hall, in order to maximize the experience of this natural cultural environment, the hall made a concession to avoid a large terrace.Leaning on the transparent glass guardrail, sipping the tea in your hand, enjoying the sunset, or talking about daily life with Sango, or meditating alone, until the lights of Wanjia are dotted with Mars
“Designer Tea House by the River” With the advantage of natural environment, it blends design aesthetics, promotes Sichuan Gaiwan tea culture, and achieves commercial value!