JC 21 Residence

Housing Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Studio ONE

Architect / Designer: Elina Yaneva

Country: Bulgaria

Copyright: Georgi Milev- Unbelievable Digital

We created the design of the JC21 single-family house, striving to achieve a captivating sense of delicate airiness and gentle permanence. We brought the cubic shapes from the building architecture into the interior, balancing with softer shapes and fine textures. The main goal of the design was to draw the interior into an atmosphere of warmth and impeccable comfort. We combined the calm clean line with details that create a sense of personality and timelessness. The interior tells a story of balance, lightness and purity in harmonious family relations.


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We believe in the power of design to serve people and significantly improve their quality of life. We strive to achieve functionality and sustainability in our designs. As designers, we are responsible not only to the clients who have placed their trust in us, but also to ourselves and to the environment