171 building

Housing over 5 floors Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: doisarquitectos

Architect / Designer: Nuno Costa

Design Team:

Sónia Pinheiro
Miguel Melo
Alejandro Medina

Country: Portugal

The #171 is mainly a residential building, where the ground floor is dedicated to commerce and services. Its form of laying is forced by the Detailed Plan of Aveiro’s city council, one of more organic lines, and with it, the dynamics are transported to the elevation and to its materiality. Next to a traffic circle access to the city, the building gets in its entirety a contagious dynamic.

It is proof that constraints can and should be taken seriously in such a way that they brutally influence the volumetry and aesthetics, resulting in a building that breathes the same dynamics existing on site, portraying an unmistakable contemporaneity, and that speaks of the era in which it stands while looking to the future.

The materiality made of shades and glitter are intended to accentuate the movement mencioned, and it can be perceived in the virtual images presented. It is noble, low maintenance, and above all harmonized with the surroundings and local reality. The use of glass and concrete with such organic lines is a contradiction that, by its dimension and materialization, becomes harmonious.

Despite its dimension, location and more dynamic design, with the rounded lines, it manages to offer a more relaxed quality of life, created by its interior areas, where the appartments achieve orthogonal alignments ajusted to a contemporary experience, exterior spaces and private and green backyard.

Carefully thought interiors, the use of simplicity and seeking only a uniformity of colors and materials combined, are making possible for the user to give his or hers own stamp of decoration without any relevant aesthetic clashes. This way, light colors, natural woods, and coatings that combine quality and harmony were used in this project.
They are also very healthy and bright because of the abundant use of glass, making the most of day light, and strategically placed points of artificial lighting, often disguised to make like natural light entrances.

Building #171, is proof that the quality of life is also transmitted by the construction, is proof that harmony exists with its constraints and that it makes the best of them, is the certainty how the future will look and know that it remains contemporary.


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