Healthcare Architecture Concept

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Architect / Designer: Gan Lin

Design Team:

Gan Lin,Li Shun,Wang Shixuan,Li Lin,Wang Zhaopeng,Zhang Yang,Deng Xiao,Xiang Peng,Cai Kun

Country: China

Copyright: ketu

The project covers an area of 17,000 square meters and features three special areas: oral health management, visual acuity, and sports rehabilitation. Based on the project’s usage requirements, rational aesthetic design techniques were used to simplify and emphasize the “sensory and emotional” aspects of human spatial perception, as well as geometric forms and ideal proportions, allowing the building to return to the essence of space. The design uses modern sculptural language to form a dialogue with the urban interface through the collision of simplicity and refinement, while also being practical and revealing, showcasing the atmosphere of modern life and bringing a new place experience to people.

In the facade design of the building, the regional and functional factors of the project were fully considered, and modern technology was used to design the “urban window” facade elements, striving to achieve the appearance of a modern boutique medical center. Using the building’s own mass relationships, the power of the mass was cut out with minimal geometric forms. The combination and stacking of spatial masses formed more spatial levels, increasing the sense of experience in a limited spatial layout. The building facade conforms to the surrounding environment, and the main display faces the direction of the urban intersection, which is strong in display effect. The opening glass fan corresponds to the internal use space, and the function and form are unified.

White aluminum panels and ultra-white glass curtain walls are used in combination to achieve maximum daylighting effect, increase light transmission, reduce artificial lighting intensity, and reduce energy consumption, while demonstrating an ecologically harmonious building in a natural environment.

The interior design highlights the theme, pursuing a steady, intimate, and elegant international style. Flexible design guides the construction process of the project, controlling costs and saving money.

Various natural elements, such as Dunhuang Flying Apsaras, Yellow River Melody, Desert Arc, and Life Oasis, are abstracted to provide beautiful curves as design inspiration. Modern design techniques and materials are used to seamlessly integrate these curved elements into the spatial design, creating a tone that is relaxed, natural, and elegant, while also encompassing regionalism, modernity, technology, and futurism.



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