Housing Multi-Family Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Mdplan Arquitetura

Architect / Designer: Ruy Lex Rozales & Paulo Eduardo Mayer

Design Team:

Equipe de desenvolvimento imobiliário MDPLAN

Country: Brazil

Copyright: Rodrigo Bassani

To create a unique enterprise in every sense, the architecture was taken beyond traditional standards, merging communication strategies with design to make it timeless not only in its facade concept, but in its entire form, function, identity, and personality. The concept behind this enterprise is the pursuit of harmony and balance in a minimalist lifestyle. The name ‘Unison’ represents the union of different elements in perfect harmony, reflecting the proposal of a space that combines practicality and comfort in a balanced manner.


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Mdplan is an architecture firm that aims to build successful enterprises through an integrated approach that prioritizes the interests of clients, users, and communities involved. The company believes that innovation is key to human progress and therefore constantly seeks solutions that combine performance, results, and aesthetics. Its main goal is to make a positive difference in people’s lives and communities, always striving to create intelligent solutions and inspire a more just and sustainable future.