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Studio: Maket Design

Architect / Designer: Nikolay Yarin, Konstatntin Ostroukhov

Design Team:

Nikolay Yarin, Konstatntin Ostroukhov

Country: Spain

Copyright: Viktoria Chistilna

Heads Barbershop interior design reflects the style of the 60s. Glass blocks, modernist furniture and neon convey this nostalgic atmosphere, and the main accent element – broken ceramic tiles, on the contrary, ironies this nostalgia and gives a special charm to the interior.

Here we paid special attention to shapes and textures: all interior elements are integrated into the architecture and interact organically with each other. The interior is built on a grid – glass blocks and ceramic tiles correlate with each other and build a clear structure of the space.

Contrasts help to make the interior noticeable and interesting: in textures, clear stainless steel surfaces are contrasted with broken tiles and variegated floors. In the forms – clear parallels stand out against the background of radius arches.

Working with light is very important in this interior: despite the bright and very convenient barber area, the rest of the spaces are cozy and slightly darkened due to the dark finish and spot lighting.


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Maket is an interior design studio practicing worldwide with headqaters in Barcelona. We have huge experience from the hospitality segment to retail and workplace design. In the interior, we put functional ergonomics and emotional ones on the same level. It is important not to only create a comfortable and functional place, but also a special atmosphere, the spirit of the space. Visual and emotional comfort is just as important as a comfortable layout and well-chosen furniture. When we start working on a project, we look for points of contact between the functional and the emotional, combine them in one space.