Platinum Winner


Cavatina Hall

Commercial Interior Built

Studio: Cavatina Holding

Architect / Designer: Cavatina Holding

Design Team:

Piotr Jasiล„ski, Michaล‚ Koterba, Jacek Mielewski, Jan Juraszczyk, Filip Knapczyk, Adam Derlatka

Country: Poland

Copyright: Cavatina Holding

Cavatina Hall

Cavatina Hall is a concert hall and recording studio that combines commercial functions with the promotion of art in a unique and modern office building. No matter where you sit, Cavatina Hall concert hall was designed so that any type of music could perfectly resound throughout its interior. Its acoustics allow the full range of colors to come through during symphonic concerts, intimate encounters with classical music and hit tours of pop stars. Behind the exceptional sound quality is the state-of-the-art L-ISA (L-Acoustics) sound system that enhances your enjoyment of every note.

The building in a unique way combines office and cultural functions. In addition to the office space, the facility will house a recording studio and concert hall designed to the highest acoustic standards. The 1,000-seat hall can also be successfully used for conferences and presentations. Combining these functions is a kind of response to the regionโ€™s needs. Bielsko-Biaล‚a is one of the most rapidly developing cities in Poland with a demand for high quality facilities, and at the same time it is a city which has so far lacked a large concert hall of any real standing.