Second Award


Palace Hotel & SPA Center

Hotel Interior Built

Studio: L&A Architects

Design Team:

MArch. Arion Thaqi
MArch. Labinot Boçolli
Arch. Rinor Shabani
Arch. Albina Makica

Country: Kosovo


Palace Hotel & SPA Center

Pristina (the capital of Kosovo) is 33 km from the hotel. The nearest airport is Prishtina International Airport, 35 km from Palace Hotel & SPA.

Palace Hotel & SPA Center in Mitrovica takes modern contemporary elegance to the next level. 50 comfortably furnished rooms and suites, combined with SPA center, fitness and exclusive restaurants.

Based on the conditions and the request of the investor, the content of the building, the function, the size and other architectural characteristics of the building are defined.

The character of the object is private and treated with detailed analysis.

Standards and developments in this sector have been taken as the basis of design and construction.

The functional solution of the facility has been determined by its destination as well as the requirements of the investor. The nature of customer service has dictated the function which is based on norms and standards. In the conceptual aspect, the following factors have influenced the shaping of the idea: the destination of the object, the location and the requirements.

The primary function of the hotel is to serve the citizens and as a result a functional, architectural and compositional solution has been achieved which will be presented as a harmonized whole.

When it comes to interior design, beautiful results often start with a careful visualization, dynamic possibilities, from unique furniture to creative design, lighting and every other element that really makes a hotel suitable for work, leisure, sleeping.

The elements that are used bring warmth, natural feeling and durability. These elements go higher and wider, emphasizing beauty and durability turning into unique accent through their use. Using the design in slightly different ways, each time it brings a special interesting look to the object.

Each space together and has an calming effect. The use of colors is quite fluid and clean which gives life to the space.

The minimal furniture serves to open the space even further on all levels. Carefully used colors, floor and ceiling materials, tables and chairs make customers to see from any angle.

The bright and open space, designed quite simply and minimalist, makes it feel like bigger and real space also makes it experience and feel clean.

Walls, ceilings, floors and glossy shades created with a result turns out luxurious, which guarantees for a clean maintenance.

Exterior architecture has been paid special attention to the interconnection of the function in the building with the services to the customers and the purpose to create a quality service.

The architecture of the building is like a “compromise” of preserving the function, simplicity, cost and longevity of the building. An attempt has been made to achieve a solid architectural solution within these constraints and harmonization with the surroundings. The architecture of the building is conceived as a whole – quiet and compact volume. Thus the object acquires a dimension by expressing the character of the object that is intended for the hotel.

The building appears in harmony with the buildings within the environment.