INDUKU – multifunctional holder

Interior Design Elements Concept

Studio: GIDDecor

Architect / Designer: Olga Shchukina

Design Team:

Olga Shchukina, Liubov Borisovskaya

Country: Russian Federation

INDUKU – multifunctional holder

Induku – Multifunctional device that stands out in the space with its simple design and diverse function – lighting, warming, holding, charging and reflecting, has lamp, accessories holders, charges gadgets, heating towels, displays mirror etc.

The product was designed with the aim of creating a simple, elegant device for bathroom, hallway and other spaces needed in light, heat and hanging up. The device uses extremely little space in the room. It is designed particularly for small bathrooms, but can also be placed in larger spaces, giving more freedom to move around or decorate the interior.

The base of the device is a steel pipe. The pipe consists of several sections. The upper section is a lamp. The lamp cable is connected to the main 220V electrical system via the upper wall mounting channel and has its own switch. Middle section – 7 rotary cylinders each is connected to removable parts and devices that can be placed in any order you like. The lower section has a built-in heating element. Above it is a radiator thermostat. It is connected via the lower wall mounting channel.

Designing interiors in the modern trends we go from the concept of creating a comfortable, free-breathing space, released from the bunch of things, leading to serenity with maximum functionality. Driven by the desire to minimize the number of devices in the bathroom, we want to free up space for the soul, meditation, surrounding ourselves with objects of art by created utilitarian devices that combine many in one.