Second Award


Allen & Overy

Office Interior Built


Architect / Designer: Jakub Heidler

Design Team:

Ing. arch. Jakub Heidler
Ing. arch. Jan Kačer
Ing. arch. Marek Svoboda
Ing. arch. Petr Mandík
Mgr. Pavlína Mojská
Mgr. Maria Lucia Cicero

Country: Czech Republic

Copyright: Flusser Studio

Allen & Overy

In our architectural presentation, it was the contract, the main output of the client’s work, that shaped the solution. Literally with design. With a quality, cultured and very contemporary environment in which the best legal specialists work. Their work requires focus rooms, but also community work. They often work from home, but they also need to have the latest technology, mostly located in the cloud.

Just as architecture today is not just about bricks and pouring concrete into foundation slabs, legal services oscillate among a number of other disciplines. That’s why we started designing new Allen & Overy offices together, we signed a contract. About the fact that beauty and light prevail over luxury and opulence. About that the cloud beats the hard disk drive. About that the way is the goal.

Because the main output of our client’s work is contract, we have imprinted our work and creative output into Design Contract defined by four main points. Point one: the cloud is where the international and local law firm know-how meets. Secondly: our and client’s daily process: daily we set out on a journey: to work, to the pages of contracts, to complex processes. For us, law means structure. Paragraphs, points and indents that have logic and are mutually conditioned and complementary. Thats the third point. And the last point is a signature, the lit light at the end of the path to the result.

Every day, our client’s teams embark on an imaginary “path” they take with their client: a correctly written contract, a winning dispute, a well-thought-out tactic.
The main view axis passes through the entrance lobby and allows views of the surroundings. Perpendicular to this axis are the two secondary axes defining the corridors. In the view of these axes, we designed open spaces supporting views of the surroundings. Another important place for us were the corners, which serve as meeting places.

We have placed a “cloud” in the middle of the offices around the main communication core. Just as Allen & Overy teams around the world gather and share their knowledge in virtual clouds, we manage office space. It is defined on the one hand by the cloud, on the other hand by metallic folders. Between the facade and the folders, we then placed a layer of offices, meeting rooms and a relaxation room.

After all, we are not and cannot be in open space, because complex legal proceedings and a certain discretion belong to legal practice. We projected the space zoning attribute with bars. We dedicated the corners of the layout to the library, meeting rooms, terrace and open office.

Allen & Overy have acquired a modern and functional interior that carries the DNA of their work. The relocation of a major law firm from the magnificent palaces of Prague 1 to the vibrant Karlín and the concept of the journey, the contract, the law and the confirmation of the agreement show where the progressive path of designing commercial interiors leads today.