Babywelle – the ergonomic and sustainable babyrocker

Studio: Dr. Michel GmbH

Architect / Designer: Dr. Johannes Michel

Design Team:

Dr. Johannes Michel, Moritz Kern

Country: Germany

Copyright: Vincent Michel, Dr. Johannes Michel

BABYWELLE is a rocker for babies with two substantial benefits:

1. The lying surface provides the ideal anatomic position for the baby, especially for it’s spine and hip joints

2. The body is completely made out of wood without nails, screws or plastic and all materials are testet to be free of harmful substances.

BABYWELLE is a rocker with an ergonomically suited lying surface. The part for the spine is flat like a ruler. It prevents axial pressure to the spine. The part for the hip joint is in an 80° flexed position wich supports the natural process of maturation.

BABYWELLE looks like a wave and is exactly dimensioned to be always balanced – no matter if the baby is newborn or up to 12 month of age. The baby rocks gently as if on a wave in the sea.

The production of BABYWELLE is located in southern Bavaria, where handcraftsmen and women live and work. We cooperate with local manufacturers, especially institutions that employ socially disadvantaged people and promote integration. The wooden body of BABYWELLE is CNC milled and made 100% with solar energy. The inventor is a paediatric surgeon who originally made the baby bouncer for his own daughter. With many help from experienced production specialist You can buy it now on


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We are two fathers from Munich/Germany who founded their own business to marked the product around the world.