Lakeside Chalet

Studio: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH

Architect / Designer: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH

Design Team:

Josef Schrittwieser
Bernhard Viereck
Ewald Viereck

Country: Austria

Copyright: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH

In close cooperation with the client, we have decided to let the buildings appear very puristic, in the interior as well as at the outdoor area. The predominant material on the façade of the Chalet and the Boat House is shaved white fir wood, which is treated with an organic coating to prevent an irregular greying caused by the weathering. Only the Bath House was cladded with brushed aluminum panels with the intention to highlight it as the centerpiece of the property. White fir wood dominates the inside, on all ceilings, walls and measure furniture like the dining table, kitchen and wardrobes.


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