Bridge of light

Lighting Product Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Ocubo Criativo, Lda

Architect / Designer: Ocubo Criativo, Lda

Design Team:

CEO – Carole Purnelle
Creative Director – Nuno Maya
Olab Director – Rui Gato
Technician and programming – David Negrão
Project Manager – Xavier Lopes
Technical coordinator – João Melo e Castro

Country: Portugal

Copyright: Ocubo Criativo, Lda

The “Bridge to Light” interactive artwork is a stunning installation that invites visitors to explore and discover their surroundings in a new light.
Designed to be intuitive and easy to interact with, each person’s actions have a visible impact on the installation, adding to its beauty and allure.
The artwork is a symbol of passage and enlightenment, using light as a medium to transport visitors to another place, either literally or metaphorically.
The audience is invited to re-appropriate the location and interact with it, lighting up their own path as they go. Without interactivity, the installation is still a sight to behold, with the presence of light, inviting visitors to step in and explore. In the absence of many people, the installation is illuminated with all the lights that are playing, creating a mesmerizing and captivating display.
The artwork uses cutting-edge technology, including a 3D lidar sensor mesh and generative music and light elements. This technology is used to create dynamic and responsive behaviors that adapt to the density of the audience.
The audio experience of “Bridge to Light” is enhanced by the use of multichannel, spatialized speakers placed along the length of the bridge. The generative soundtrack is triggered by the audience and synced with the light design, creating a fully immersive and dynamic audio-visual experience. The music is contemporary and features a blend of natural and abstract sounds, all of which are at a low level and within the range of human hearing. The abstract sounds are particularly noteworthy, as they are crafted using a variety of musical scales, including natural harmonic scales and site-specific scales inspired by the traditional musical culture of the location hosting the artwork.
A breathtaking and immersive artwork that invites visitors to engage with their surroundings in a new and exciting way.
The combination of stunning visuals, dynamic music, and responsive technology creates a truly transformative experience that will leave a lasting impression on all visitors.


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OCUBO experience in developing diverse types of projects allowed the studio to gain an overview on how to create for various settings, either outdoors exhibitions or indoors. Particularly for international large scale projects that involve a crossover approach, such as,art light festivals, celebrations events or awards and opening ceremonies. The involvement in light festivals, in the creation, direction and production displays OCUBO multidisciplinary approach, or in other large-scale events that combine various artistic disciplines, such as multimedia, live music and performance. In both, OCUBO expertise is well displayed in the creative output and technical solutions that are translated into amazingevents.