Costa Rica Spirit

Mixed Use Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: PrendasLoria Architecture & Engineering

Architect / Designer: Donald Loria Prendas

Design Team:

Kenneth Acuna
Melissa Muñoz Martínez
Ernesto Antonio

Country: Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Spirit Green Retreat Center & Residential is a project located in the lush forest of the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, known for having one of the world’s highest levels of biodiversity. The project aims to offer a welcoming urban space that interacts organically with the natural environment, providing a unique experience of the energies offered by the surroundings. The project includes a holistic center for energy recovery that offers yoga, musical therapies, spiritual workshops, a spa, accommodations, concerts, and organic farming practices. The second area is dedicated to housing, which consists of interactive bubbles that merge to create a community in harmony with nature. The last area focuses on accommodation and rest. The oceanfront building complex of the Wellness Center uses architecture as a musical instrument to provide natural sound therapies. The rooms of the spiritual retreat complex are connected to a small lake and designed based on aboriginal concepts relating to the earth, water, and air. In summary, the Puerto Jimenez Green Retreat Center & Residential is a unique space that offers an enriching experience for the body, mind, and spirit in harmony with nature.


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