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Architect / Designer: LI BINGFENG

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Country: China

The Hefu Marketing Center takes the bright, clean, and spacious image of the Contemporary Art Museum as its image, and on the basis of the architectural integrity and atmosphere, it reproduces the elegant atmosphere of Chinese style.

Front hall: As the first functional area that brings the first impression to visitors, the ceiling of the front hall is hollowed out with geometric shapes, and bright sunlight passes through the curtains, filling the room with soft light. Together with the large ink background behind the reception desk, it creates a classical and natural beauty.

Sand Table Area: The ceiling and lobby use the same technique of top hollowing out, illuminating the sand table with natural light, and neutralizing the commercial atmosphere when viewing the building model. The walls on both sides are decorated with cloud porcelain designed by artist Wei Tong, and the concave and convex texture adds a sense of layering to the clean and elegant space.

Negotiation Area: The left side of the negotiation area, which serves as the main social function, is arranged with a wall to create a sense of order and bring more natural light indoors. The right wall is made of DuPont paper, and when the light behind it is turned on, it has a visual effect that is as smooth as rice paper, with a pure texture, corresponding to the order on the left, interpreting elegance.
The square and spacious reception hall creates an unexpected sense of space by giving the ceiling a slight curvature.

The first floor of the basement is composed of spaces such as a banquet hall, gym, and tea room, creating spaces in a more modern way.

The semi outdoor reception area on the first floor is equipped with a water area, and through the bottom glass, sparkling water patterns are cast on the walls of the basement floor, forming a dynamic landscape that reflects technology and nature with the facing LED wall.

The hallway adopts a dark red color, combined with stone flooring and stairs to create a modernist style; The gray and white of the tearoom banquet hall form an introverted and gentle atmosphere.

The natural imagery of clouds, water, wood, and stones is integrated into the Hefu Marketing Center through the transformation of design language, bringing more unique feelings to people living in commercial spaces.



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