The Wiki World Sprite Cabin

Housing Single Family Architecture Built

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Studio: Wiki World

Architect / Designer: Mu Wei, Wu Baorong, Feng Zhaoxian

Country: China

Copyright: Wiki World

The Sprite Cabin is located in the “Fragrant Lake” of Huanggang City, Hubei Province, and is part of the Wiki World Co-Building Plan. This plan will construct a series of uniquely designed natural homes in Fragrant Lake.
What Would A Sprite’s Home Look Like?
The two sprite’s cabins are located on the Inner Lake Peninsula, adjacent to the waterfront, with a wide field of vision, surrounded by a bamboo forest and standing alone. The owners hoped that the house could fulfill their child’s imagination of a novel wooden house, and the lake and forest seemed to be inhabited by elves in the morning mist. What kind of wooden house would the sprites live in here?
Wiki World continues the natural construction concept, we retain every tree in the site, keep the path and texture of the original woodland and farmland, all the cabins are self-developed prefabricated wooden structure, built together by the team and the user.
The sprite’s cabins are located on a secluded peninsula, providing enough seclusion to the point of feeling lonely. The spirituality of the sprites comes from the pointed shape when viewed from the waterfront, the rustic wooden surface, and the translucent irregular windows. In the evening, the lake surface reflects the nimble lights, and in nature, the square shape may seem somewhat out of place. The sprite’s Home is a pure wooden structure with a fireplace inside. The owners can walk freely in the space with bare feet. The space in the crystal structure rises high without the concept of floors. Lying in bed or sitting on the ground, one can see the nearby water surface through the triangular windows.
Natural buildings can be built like Lego. Little cabins, like building blocks, were placed in the forest. We stick to the original wild wood construction technique that we hand fired the façade of the carbonized wood boards. The cabins are all connected by small metal components that can be repeatedly assembled.
The entire building is constructed of laminated wood, and each irregular component and node is designed and customized through digital technology, achieving 100% full assembly construction. The skin of the cabin is made of fish-skin like wood tiles and mirror aluminum plates. The lakeside features a rustic wood texture, while the entrance side backed by the bamboo forest uses mirror aluminum plates to reduce the pressure of the building on the environment. The two seemingly conflicting materials complement each other and blend the cabin with the environment.

We try to create a precise relationship between the cabins and the environment in the nature. Each wooden cabin is elevated above the ground, and no walls or artificial landscapes are used. Nature is the best package.


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