International Architecture & Design Awards

Grand Jury Members

Welcome to the Grand Jury Members section of the International Architecture & Design Awards. Our jury, a pillar of integrity and expertise, comprises an elite ensemble of influential and visionary leaders in architecture and design.

Each member has been selected for their extensive knowledge, innovative approach, and significant contributions to the built environment. The panel includes esteemed practitioners, academics, and industry commentators from around the world, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive perspective in our evaluation process.

We extend our deepest appreciation and respect to this distinguished group for their invaluable insights and judgment. Their commitment to excellence not only upholds the prestige of the IADA but also advances architectural and design standards globally.

Founding partner and director, Plasma Studio (Italy/UK/China) & GroundLab
Professor of practice, ASD, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Eva Castro brings a rich tapestry of experience in both the academic and professional worlds of architecture and urbanism. Currently serving as a professor of practice at AS+D – SUTD in Singapore, she has a history of influential roles, including directorial positions at the Architectural Association in London and visiting professorships at Tsinghua University and The University of Hong Kong. Eva is a co-founder of both Plasma Studio and GroundLab, as well as form_axioms lab—a research agency operating within SUTD. Her work has garnered several prestigious awards like the Next Generation Architects Award and the Young Architect of the Year Award. Educated at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Architectural Association under Jeff Kipnis, Eva emphasizes the conceptual and visionary aspects of design. Her work, which has been exhibited globally, aims to explore the balance between landscape and architecture, informed by her background in teaching Landscape Urbanism. Plasma Studio, where Eva is a leading figure, works across multiple scales, from furniture design to urban planning, focusing on creating specific identities and active participatory environments that engage with both global and local contexts. The studio’s work exemplifies a complex layering of spaces and elements, addressing the need for connectivity and complexity in today’s fast-evolving landscape.

Chief Creative Officer
United Kingdom

A London-based interior architect and artist, Pal Pang is the creative mind behind Another Design International. With a knack for marrying function and aesthetics, he’s been elevating spaces from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. His designs don’t just stop at pleasing the eye; they tell stories and evoke emotions, whether it’s a luxury penthouse in Battersea Power Station or a Jaguar showroom where the cars take center stage. Educated at the University for the Creative Arts, Pal embarked on his career in Hong Kong’s bustling retail design sector. His intuitive use of materials like LED lights, stainless steel, and glass in a project for Madia, a jewelry group, earned him industry recognition early on. His work isn’t confined to just one part of the globe or one aspect of design. After establishing himself in Hong Kong, Pal expanded his creative horizons and moved to the UK, founding his studio, Another England. In addition to receiving accolades such as the Italian A’ Design Award, he has served as an examiner for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and holds fellowships with esteemed organizations like the Royal Society for Arts. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a love for music and films, Pal draws inspiration from various art forms. His designs reflect a rich tapestry of influences, from traditional Chinese philosophy’s Five Elements to contemporary visual and auditory arts. In an industry where design elements are ubiquitous, Pal thrives on the challenge of taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. His design advice? “Unleash your imagination and maximize creativity on every project.” Whether it’s private villas, designer hotels, or something yet to be imagined, Pal is ever on the lookout for new avenues to infuse the extraordinary into everyday spaces.

Design Professor
SRH – the Distance Learning University

Tanja Schmitt-Fumian is a multifaceted figure in the realm of design education and consulting. She is currently a design professor at SRH – the Distance Learning University. Prior to this, she served as the Dean of the Faculty of Creative Arts at Macromedia University from 2019 to 2021 and was a faculty member there from 2010 to 2022. Between 2005 and 2010, Tanja was a lecturer at ZHdK (Züricher Hochschule der Künste), where she oversaw research projects and industry collaborations. Tanja’s academic journey began at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe in Germany, where she studied Product Design under the renowned Hartmut Esslinger. She also honed her craft in the United States at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her academic excellence is reflected in her GPA of 3.675. On the consulting side, Tanja has a career spanning over two decades, during which she has lent her expertise to an impressive array of brands such as Adobe, Audi, B/S/H, Phaidon Press, Siemens, Swisscom, Vitra Design Museum, Vodafone, and Sony Music, among others. Her comprehensive understanding of design has made her a sought-after judge on various international award panels. Notably, Tanja has received numerous accolades herself, testifying to her exceptional skill and influence in the field of design. With a comprehensive blend of academic and industry experience, Tanja Schmitt-Fumian is a notable figure in both educational and professional design communities. Her role as an educator has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of designers, while her consulting work has contributed to elevating brand identities and products on a global scale.

Co-founder / Managing Director

Marcel Vrieswijk is a co-founder and the Managing Director of PlusOne, an Amsterdam-based independent production studio established in 2009. With a strong emphasis on aesthetics and creative storytelling, the studio extends its role beyond that of a mere service provider, acting as an integrated extension of its clients. Marcel’s leadership has driven the company to numerous awards, facilitated by an international in-house team of creative specialists. PlusOne takes pride in not just meeting but exceeding client expectations. Marcel himself is deeply committed to delivering work with emotional impact, focusing on intricate details that elevate a project from being merely good to truly great. On the occasion of the studio’s tenth anniversary, Marcel highlighted the importance of codifying the company’s core values and aspirations, emphasizing a collective and collaborative approach to creativity. Whether drawing inspiration from classical art or engaging experts in sound design, the aim remains the same: to create memorable, impactful work.

JC. Architecture & Design, OUT Scholarship

Johnny Chiu is not just a designer; he’s a visionary who turns abstract ideas into tangible realities. As the first Taiwanese designer to clinch the prestigious World Architecture Festival/INSIDE World Interior of the Year, Johnny is a trailblazer in the global design scene. His portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive, featuring standout projects like The Moving Kitchen, Bloom Chair, A Little Museum Store, and Penghu Ferry. Educated at Columbia University and with work experience spanning over six countries, Johnny believes that the best designs stem from individual inspiration and the complex interplay between people and spaces. This philosophy is embedded in the DNA of his Taiwan-based multidisciplinary firm, JC. Architecture & Design. Known for their collaborative spirit and innovative methodology, the firm has become a hotbed for cutting-edge work in architecture, interior, industrial, and even transportation design. JC.Architecture & Design isn’t just about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces; it’s about crafting new identities and narratives for the modern world. Their trophy shelf is brimming with a wide range of awards, from the iF DESIGN AWARD Gold to Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award, proving that their approach to design is both effective and celebrated. Operating as a “studio think tank,” the team constantly explores new methods and possibilities, aiming to make a palpable impact on a variety of industries including hospitality and government sectors. Beyond his studio work, Johnny is an eloquent advocate for design thinking. He’s a frequent face at high-profile design events, such as the World Architecture Festival and SHARE Interiors Bucharest Forum, where he shares his unique insights on design’s role in society. He also serves as a judge in esteemed design competitions and has initiated the OUT Scholarship to foster emerging talent in the field. Johnny Chiu isn’t just shaping spaces; he’s shaping the future of design itself. With each project, lecture, and award, he brings the world one step closer to understanding the limitless potential of thoughtful design.

Founder / Manager
Studio RDD

Ilana Seleznev stands as an epitome of transformative leadership in the realms of Product Strategy, Business Transformation within the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, and Industrial Design. With 15 years of meticulous experience, Ilana has cultivated groundbreaking strategies, maximizing profitability and driving long-term strategic growth. She currently flourishes as the Director of the Enterprise Transformation Office at Salesforce, focusing on enhancing the company’s profitability. Her notable accomplishment lies in spearheading Salesforce’s international expansion, unlocking pivotal global markets, and fueling extraordinary revenue growth.

Educated in Industrial Design and holding an MBA in Marketing, Ilana’s proprietary methodology, ‘The Math Of Design – Thinking Inside The Box,’ has earned her international acclaim. This approach merges mathematical precision with creative design aesthetics, fostering the creation of remarkable promotional merchandise that superbly blends functionality with style. Her commitment to personalized customer service and meticulous project oversight from conceptualization to product roll-out amplifies her success, ensuring each design not only meets but exceeds visionary expectations.

Outside of the business domain, Ilana is also a prolific contributor to the community, celebrated as a featured speaker at the Product School and an honored member of the Salesforce Women’s Network Equality board. Her work is not confined to the corporate echelon; it resonates through educational platforms and equality networks, enhancing her impact within and beyond organizational confines. Her multifaceted expertise is further amplified by international awards, contributions as a Globee Award jury member, and continuous explorations in learning and innovation.

Ilana’s influence seamlessly flows from significant corporate roles to vibrant contributions in design communities and global platforms, marked by recognitions such as the MUSE Design Awards. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, mentorship, and community enhancement coupled with a dynamic blend of professional brilliance and personal passion, including a love for driving sports cars and racing, Ilana Seleznev continues to redefine industrial design and business transformation landscapes with unparalleled innovation and transformative strategies.

Founder/Principal Architect and Landscape Architect
Studio Arth LLC

Rituparna Simlai is a distinguished figure in the field of landscape architecture, celebrated for her socially conscious and ecologically responsible designs. Holding a Master’s degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, she founded Studio Arth, a Miami-based design firm that has quickly become a touchstone for quality both nationally and internationally. A seasoned professional with an expansive portfolio, Rituparna has transformed high-end residential spaces in Coconut Grove and New Delhi, while also spearheading ecologically restorative and social justice-oriented projects in diverse regions such as Vietnam, China, Mozambique, and Timor-Leste. Before her independent success, Rituparna honed her expertise at leading design firms in Delhi, California, and Florida, handling projects that ranged from residential design to complex master planning and infrastructure initiatives. As a testament to her industry-wide recognition, Rituparna has received numerous design and service awards, including the Exceptional Emerging Professional Award from the Florida chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). She also serves as a jury member in notable design competitions, reinforcing her position as a thought leader in the field.

CTO / Co-Founder
Design with FRANK

Gabriel Munnich stands as a beacon in the architectural and technological universe. Co-founder, Chief Inventor, and CTO of Design with FRANK, he has reimagined architectural design with an AI-powered platform, enabling users to effortlessly bring their home design aspirations to fruition. A testament to his early passion for the craft, Gabriel completed his studies at the Cooper Union School of Architecture in 2018, backed by a full scholarship. His stellar academic trajectory earned him accolades such as the Peter Bruder Prize for Excellence in Structures and the distinguished Menschel Fellowship. Within the realm of innovation, Gabriel has been especially prolific. He not only conceptualized but also constructed a monumental 3D printer that caught the attention of many at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Furthermore, his “Instant Lounge” concept – a cutting-edge 3D printer crafted to produce furniture in real-time – was a star attraction at the Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in 2019-2020. These pioneering 3D printing achievements, alongside others like the Spider Print, have elevated his stature on international platforms. Making waves in the dynamic architectural tech milieu of New York, Gabriel initiated UEO, emphasizing novel software and architectural fabrication methodologies since 2018. The Museum of Modern Art, recognizing his expertise, commissioned him for a groundbreaking project: a fully 3D printed, large-scale architectural model for their exhibition “Toward a Concrete Utopia”. Beyond these innovations, Gabriel’s professional journey has seen influential contributions to major museum projects, notably the Grand Canal Museum and the Tesoro di Dan Gennaro Museum. His international engagements span across cities like Paris, London, and New York, and he has secured victories in esteemed design competitions, such as the Bronx River Branch Renovation and Bronx Subway Digital Design — the latter being actualized in the Bronx itself. An advocate for education and mentorship, Gabriel has shared his wealth of knowledge through workshops and teaching assignments at places like NYIT, JiLin University, Tongji University, and the Barcelona Digital Fabrication Workshop, consistently guiding and inspiring the architects and designers of tomorrow.

Simon Devitt
Auckland, New Zealand

Simon Devitt, renowned for his architectural photography, resides in Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, extending his expertise across Australasia and further. His unique birth amid a sandstorm in 1973 ignites his wanderlust intertwined with home’s deep allure. Cities like Shanghai, the serenity of a Japanese bamboo forest, and LA’s distinct luminosity compared to New Zealand’s stark brightness deeply inspire Simon. One poignant memory stems from an LA shoot in Echo Park, highlighting the sun’s diffused glow and endearing community interactions. For Simon, photography melds structures and souls. Including people in his compositions instills scale and timelessness, crafting tales between life and landscapes. Among his lauded contributions are photo-books “Rannoch” and the “All Things Considered” series. Beginning with 2013’s “Portrait of a House,” he went on to create the “Ripe Fruit” series (2018-2019) and “Cape to Bluff” (2022). His craft adorns various publications, from international editions of “Elle Decor” to “Home New Zealand.” A decade saw him enlightening students at the University of Auckland, coupled with his initiated Simon Devitt Prize for Photography since 2008. Today, represented by Milan’s PhotoFoyer, Simon’s oeuvre garners acclaim in diverse exhibitions. Endearing quirks, like his admiration for Nick Cave, a penchant for garden gnomes, and a definitive martini preference, punctuate his persona. Eager for collaborations, lectures, and mentorship, Simon remains an architectural photography luminary.

Founder & Architect
Makhno Studio

Serhii Makhno, a prolific architect, designer, ceramist, and collector, stands at the forefront of the modern Ukrainian design movement. With a career spanning over two decades, his multidisciplinary expertise manifests in more than 600 projects spread across 25 countries, earning him and his studio recognition on the global stage. His studio, an embodiment of his multifaceted vision, houses a ceramic workshop, furniture, and lighting design atelier, and a team of adept architects and designers. Serhii’s creations, whether in architecture or objets d’art, are deeply influenced by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic. This philosophy resonates in his works, especially his series of lights, which are characterized by their textured, sculptural silhouettes. Each ceramic piece, crafted by hand in his Kyiv studio, undergoes meticulous glazing processes to achieve its distinct textured appearance. Marrying contemporary design with age-old traditions, Serhii seamlessly weaves his Ukrainian cultural and design heritage with inspirations drawn from the timeless beauty of nature. Notably, he and his studio are members of the Society of British and International Interior Design and have been lauded as winners in numerous Ukrainian and international design competitions.