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The Architecture & Design Community was created in 2019 by creative professionals from around the world.

Year after year, we strive to ensure that as many talented architects and designers as possible gain recognition for their projects in the professional environment. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of modern architectural trends and cutting-edge design approaches.

We bring together architects and designers from all over the world. We care about the well-being of people and nature, so our priority is to protect the environment. We aim to bring automation into our everyday lives, making technology an integral part of the design, smartly embedding it in the interior space, and improving the quality of life. We believe that the new architecture should use clean, renewable energy sources. We want architects to introduce new engineering solutions and technologies to everyday life, expecting them to offer modern solutions to old problems. The only limits are those we impose on ourselves.

We invite everyone to join our events and contribute to developing creative approaches in architecture and design.

Let’s create and make our world a better place!

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