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Studio: Design by Johns

Architect / Designer: John Helmersen

Design Team:

John Helmersen

Country: Denmark

Copyright: Photographer Hans Ole Madsen and Flemming Lyng

The basic idea behind this piece of furniture is timeless, sustainable aesthetics in both form and material and with a multipurpose function.

A multipurpose furniture with deep respect for the environment, durability and sustainability. Bamboo is therefore the chosen material. The design is classic but in a new interpretation. A significant craftsmanship which shows in the details. Assembled in three parts without any fixtures. The principle of the design is minimalistic aesthetics in an organic design language which tolerates exposure from all angles – in a design that speaks for generations to come.

Multifunctional use. The flat seat means that this piece of furniture can be used as a stool, a side table for your coffee table books, next to your bed or a footstool. Additionally, if space requires this, it can also be stacked.

Manufactured in furniture board – Bamboo Extreme. The construction has a core of cross layered horizontal bamboo layers as well as thick top and bottom layers that gives the board an incredible strength. The sizing also means that the furniture can easily handle a weight of up to 120 kilos. The design combines a computerized manufacturing process with a classic craftsmanship.

The reason for using bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. The growth period is four to six years. This means that bamboo gives a quick yield. The bamboo plant sprouts new growth when it is felled – for up to eight decades. Bamboo contains natural tannins and phenols that provides antibacterial properties which withstands rot and bacterial invasion. Bamboo is therefore superior as a production material. Utilizing bamboo also avoids the use of pesticides that has a negative environmental impact. Bamboo also recirculates large amounts of CO2. Yet another significant reason for choosing bamboo.

The surface is post-treated with real beeswax that visually enhances the veins, provides more contrast and makes the wood resistant to water, dirt and dust. This real beeswax is a natural product, exclusively made with natural ingredients, organic vegetable oil, Danish beeswax and vitamin E oil. No chemicals. Completely free of solvents. The best and most natural care for your wooden furniture. It can even tolerate contact with food.


Design by Johns LogoDesign by Johns

Design by Johns is founded by John Helmersen. John is an independent designer based in Copenhagen. He can help you with your unique visual narrative with resonance. With design that communicates across various platforms.

John has been a designer for over twenty years in various advertising, software and design agencies. Specializing in visual, corporate identity and interior design for Danish and international customers.

In addition to graphic design, John has dedicated himself to his passion for his furniture design. With the matter of the utmost importance; Furniture design must be based on sustainability as well as respect for the environment.