Serralves Treetop

Lighting Product Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Ocubo Criativo, Lda.

Architect / Designer: Rui Gato

Design Team:

CEO – Carole Purnelle
Creative Director – Nuno Maya
Olab Director – Rui Gato
Technician and programming – David Negrão
Design and execution of the artwork – Paulo Carocinho
Technical coordinator – João Melo e Castro
Project Manager – Ana Matias

Country: Portugal

Copyright: Ocubo Criativo, Lda

In this interactive and sustainable installation by OLAB, dozens of motion sensors spread across the walkway activating lights that illuminate details of the treetops as the public passes by. Seen from afar, the canopies sparkle at the various points through which the public passes, creating a collective piece.
Up close, in the individual experience, each visitor triggers the lighting of the details of the treetops closest to them, as the same time as activate a distinct musical note, giving them all the attention to discover the beauty of nature’s details. Intimate and grandiose at the same time, the installation comes to life with the visitors and goes out in their absence.
The entire system of the work of art runs on batteries that are charged by solar energy during the day.


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OCUBO experience in developing diverse types of projects allowed the studio to gain an overview on how to create for various settings, either outdoors exhibitions or indoors. Particularly for international large scale projects that involve a crossover approach, such as,art light festivals, celebrations events or awards and opening ceremonies. The involvement in light festivals, in the creation, direction and production displays OCUBO multidisciplinary approach, or in other large-scale events that combine various artistic disciplines, such as multimedia, live music and performance. In both, OCUBO expertise is well displayed in the creative output and technical solutions that are translated into amazingevents.