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Studio: dwp | design worldwide partnership

Architect / Designer: dwp | design worldwide partnership

Design Team:

Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon
Scott Whittaker
Napong Kulangkul
Matanee Osatanukroa
Nampet Petruk
Meedatch Inthong

Country: Thailand

Copyright: dwp | design worldwide partnership

The Stark corporation is a global private organization that aims to invest in the manufacturing business and provide comprehensive industrial services. Their new 2-storey office space was designed on the 56th and 57th floor of a newly built highrise building in Bangkok, Thailand. The design brief focused on the one hand on space planning, to design the space in a way where every area could be utilised effectively. Additionally, it was important to best portray the brand and their vision of creating a better future through the design.

The overall design concept is driven by the idea of “Be the energy you want to attract”. The energy flow through the 2 storey office space was of utmost importance, creating a positive and motivating space for all. Furthermore, dwp looked deep into the STARK philosophy and the STARK Chairman of the board of Directors, Khu Chanin Yensudchsi himself, to adequately portray the company vision and represent Khun Chanin’s innovative and inspirational objectives for the corporation.

Occupying one of the highest office spaces in Bangkok, the 57th floor of the Stark corporation offers the first grand impression designed predominantly to impress and entertain guests. Showcasing a full service business centre and a lounge which includes a Chef’s Table with outstanding material selection for utmost guest enjoyment. A beautifully designed boardroom is one of the many highlights of this floor, offering a circular design featuring a curved LED screen creating a point of difference. The arrival lift lobby additionally showcases a full LED screen where dwp world closely with audio visual consultants to create the best experience for guests. The grand staircase connecting the 57th and 56th floor is one of the design highlights of this project. dwp collaborated with well-known Thai artist, Dong Sculpture, to bring the staircase to life offering an elevated design experience and further supporting the focus on ‘the energy flow’ through the entire space. The 56th floor is simple yet sophisticated in design. Welcomed by an open work space where staff can meet and collaborate, purposely placed near the windows to offer natural light. These open areas are further brightened and brought to life through the use of various materials and textures. Practicality, flexibility and sustainability were key in designing these office spaces, including the positioning of all enclosed meeting rooms and offices at the core of the building.

It was imperative to create a space designed for both guests as well as staff. An inviting, exciting and impressive for visitors and a motivating, flexible, inspiring and safe space for the Stark team. Whilst keeping the base design consistent to allow the visual flow from one area to the other dwp used various materials and textures in different spaces to create a point of difference and complete the Stark Corporation journey.


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