Abastumani Museum of Modern Art

Public Building Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Artytechs

Architect / Designer: Darejan (Daduna) Shatashvili, Konstantine Ghvinjilia

Design Team:

Mariam Mskhiladze
Giorgi Lezhava
Giorgi Kordzaia

Country: Georgia

This project is located in Georgia, Abastumani. This place is famous and unique his urban and hypocrite night views, where is located Observatory, Ancient churches and Castles bridges and etc
Destination of the building is Museum of Modern Arts. Which contains some spaces; museum area, shop area, some resting places and etc.
An Architectural Visual follows urban area’s answer. Its architectural solution derives from the reaction of the local architecture and its integration with the environment, although it is a new and modern solution without preserving the historical importance of the place. The layout of the building and spaces created the closeness of the building, taking into account the building and the visitor to nature, open views and the changing environment depending on the weather, period and season, and the impact on the interior that ultimately made it unique and affected the user as a psycho -emotional factor. This was one of the challenges in placing the building in the urban part and translating all of this into the architecture correctly and effectively.


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