Private Landscape Design Built

Professional Category


Architect / Designer: MARIOS GROGOS

Design Team:

Neiheiser Argyros – Architects
Panagiotis Makris- Greenplus

Country: Greece

Designing the garden was a challenge for our office. The residence is located in the area of ​​Agios Minas near the city of Chalkida. The design idea stems from the landscape of the area, which has a rocky relief, wooded with pines and touches the sea. We wanted to create a garden that was a continuation of the local flora, with flow and movement throughout its range and at the same time creating summer memories. So we created paths with pebbles and a stepped staircase made of asobé wood with the aim of communicating all levels of the garden. In this way there is a continuity and a harmony of shaping and planting which gives the illusion to the human mind that time has stopped. The planting was carried out in Mediterranean plants and in materials that fit perfectly with the landscape of the area. The color palette of the plants moved to shades of white and purple, with many aromatic and grassy plants. Beyond the movement and flow in the garden we wanted to create a small ecosystem and microclimate, thus achieving an ecological balance and zero footprint on the environment. The maintenance costs of the garden are controllable and the plants do not have high irrigation requirements during the year. The bet for a garden with a nice result but at the same time a timeless course, we think we have achieved it to the fullest. The feeling that the tour of the garden should create many surprises and alternations for the visitor of the space, was a secret desire of Marios Grogos. A sweet and fragrant image in his eyes, which will create memories of Greek summer with his family and friends. The flawless collaboration with the architectural office Neiheiser Argyros was decisive for the final result to take off.



The Greenplus company specializes in the design and construction of gardens in Greece. She has been in the professional arena for 15 years and has managed to be distinguished for her work. The biggest distinction was in 2021 when its co-founder Marios Grogos was a member of the jury of the Landscape Awards 2021 in Greece. He has also collaborated with major international architectural offices, as well as with many presentations and participations in television shows about the garden and nature.