Corporate Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Dröm Living

Architect / Designer: Felipe Ortega, Laura Navarro

Design Team:

Laura Navarro
Mireia Capdevila
Felipe Ortega
Albert León
Tomaz Hue

Country: Spain

Copyright: Elton Rocha / Quim Pascual

The purpose of this project was to create a reference workspace in the creative industries of Barcelona.

For the project of the new offices of Anima headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Dröm Living started with the premise of creating an optimal and functional space, not only for collective work, but also to serve as a showcase for the world of design, where you could create , share, teach and above all feel the design under the spirit that the brand describes, “making dreams into real life products”.

With the client’s clear objectives, the great challenge was to adapt the almost 500m2 of complex structure to compliance with current regulations. With a funnel shape, the local with narrow access, is transformed and acquiring amplitude until culminating in a large vaulted square where the main activities of Anima take place.
Through skylights with solar control, the back of the premises gains natural light and a large wooden bleachers as an articulating axis between the two floors and a unique volumetry that allows meeting all functional needs, such as a work area, various meeting rooms and exhibition and printing area.


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Dröm Interior design and architecture studio in Barcelona specializing in comprehensive home renovations, interior design for restaurants, retail and hotel interior design. our manifesto We like to design, because it is solving. We like to take risks, because it makes us think. We like madness, because it implies organizing. But what we like the most is finding a new project because it is much more than an opportunity. And it stirs us on the inside and we begin to move on the outside and we stir everything until magic arises, an idea, a concept and a space