Be a Wild Child in a Free – Flowing Space

Childrens Rooms Nurseries Interior Design Concept

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Studio: Sichuan Xinwen Decoration Engineering Co. , Ltd.

Architect / Designer: Sichuan Xinwen Decoration Engineering Co. , Ltd.

Country: China

The Art of education lies not in imparting knowledge and skill, but in inspiring, arousing and inspiring. It is particularly important to arouse children’s interest and desire for exploration in preschool. School is the main place where children, for the first time as individuals, participate in collective life, their perception and experience of the place will affect the growth of their own trajectory, designers use the global arc design, to ensure the appearance of the most beautiful, but also to ensure the safety of hidden dangers on the basis of, the most precious freedom of childhood presented to children, which is the design of the core force contained in it. The design of this case is mostly free and open space, open space can receive the baptism of the sunlight maximally, the sunlight becomes the child’s nature teacher, the design with the flow of light and shadow to show its different shape, or bright or dark, intentionally or unintentionally creating a variety of interesting needs, thus promoting the linkage of nature and architecture as one.


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