Chatrium Grand Bangkok

Hotel Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: dwp | design worldwide partnership

Architect / Designer: dwp | design worldwide partnership

Design Team:

Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon
Scott Whittaker
Kanidtha Pattanapanichakul
Nampet Petruk
Meedatch Inthong

Country: Thailand

Copyright: Chatrium Grand Bangkok

The Chatrium Grand Bangkok unfolds in the pulsating heart of Bangkok. With the comfort of easy transportation and proximity to a shopping mall, this property features 625 keys, two buildings with 32 storeys, promising guests a luxurious blend of convenience, luxury, and cultural experience in one of the city’s prime locations.

Building A houses the public hotel area, featuring diverse amenities such as an all-day dining venue, grand ballroom, meeting room, specialty restaurant, pool bar, and an expansive swimming pool. Designed to offer an open view of the city, this building illustrates the grandeur of Bangkok at its finest that offers an unrestricted view of the city allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok, enhancing their stay experience.

In contrast, Building B amalgamates business and luxury, featuring office rentals on the lower floors and residential suites, a penthouse, and an executive lounge on the upper floors. Additional amenities include a gym, kids club, spa, and full-service meeting and pre-function rooms, catering to both business and leisure guests.

The design and functionality of the project manifest contemporary aesthetics, durability, and easy maintenance, in alignment with Chatrium’s brand standards. The design narrative is anchored in the concept of “Thai Splendid”, a fusion of Thai culture and modern architectural style. The rich warm, gold tones of the main lobby and reception area, and the handcrafted artwork wall serve as a welcoming Thai greeting to the guests. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the smallest elements, reinforcing the project’s commitment to a holistic design approach.
The lobby lounge embodies Thai stories through traditional elements like the Phum Khoa Bin pattern and Chada, presented in modern interpretations. Gold accents and marble textures add to the ambiance, crafting a space that is both welcoming and culturally rich. The all-day dining venue, under the “Krung Thep Fusion” theme, brings together an assortment of international cuisines. The buffet area, created from white Volakas marble, encourages guests to witness the dynamic preparation process, adding an element of interactivity to their dining experience.
The project’s design brilliance extends further into the dining area, which is partitioned into three sections using banquet and screen dividers. Traditional Thai fabric patterns by Jim Thompson lend a cultural touch to the decor. Furthermore, the project team collaborated with Korakot, a renowned Thai artist known for sustainable art, thereby integrating the essence of Thai artistry into the dining atmosphere.
The creative use of Thai motifs in a modern style, innovative space usage, and the integration of information technology, all testify to the project’s commitment to deliver an attractive and sustainable hotel service.
The space planning, choice of materials, and the flow of usage in each function were developed after extensive customer group studies. This research-oriented approach enabled us to create designs that not only meet hotel standards but also cater to the specific needs of the guests. By showcasing Thai culture through details and material selection, guests are invited to fully immerse themselves in an authentic cultural experience.


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