Cosmetic Teeth-Veneer 2.0

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Studio: Veneera GmbH

Architect / Designer: Sven Winkel

Design Team:

Sven Winkel, Galina Tomuz, Youri Ditscheid

Country: Germany

Custom-made teeth to put on – without a trip to the dentist. A perfect row of teeth, consisting of 8-10 teeth that are custom-fit and unique. The Cosmetic Teeth-Veneer 2.0 is 0.4 mm thin and sits comfortably on your teeth. The functional design is a high innovation – only by putting them on does the Teeth-Veneer 2.0 fit perfectly on the natural teeth. Saliva creates a slight negative pressure that keeps the Teeth-Veneer in place. It constructs a second layer on the teeth.


Veneera GmbH LogoVeneera GmbH

We are Veneera™, a young company that combines latest technology and cosmetic. We use medical-grade formulas to create the Cosmetic Teeth-Veneer 2.0, which is made of biocompatible synthetic resin. (Hand)made in Germany. We provide a quick and cost-effective alternative to medical dentures that do not require tooth preparation or change in structure. Veneera provides an instant solution and evokes good feelings and self-confidence when needed.