High Rise Architecture Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Castro Architects, Zago Architecture and Sunprime Developments

Architect / Designer: Rafael Castro, André Zago

Design Team:

Castro + Zago Architects. Development: Sunprime Enterprises

Country: Brazil

Inspired by the waves and nautical lines, the ERA development is located in a booming city on the coast of Itapema. Santa Catarina, Brazil. The robust structure finds lightness and modernity through light and striking horizontal lines, complemented by the gardens that run along the tower creating movement effect and biophilic experience.


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Castro Architects
In a globalized world where architecture is increasingly standardized, Castro Arquitetos was born, a collaborative studio composed of architects and creative designers who seek the soul and essence of the client’s dream in each project, transforming it into art with a unique design and inspiring.
Zago Architects
Zago Architecs has a team in constant development to integrate state-of-the-art technologies in the design process, always aiming to create architectures that impact the surroundings, inspiring and touching people’s lives.