Custom Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Architect / Designer: Conceptum International

Country: Canada

Copyright: Phil Bernard

Essilor is an innovative company that specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of contact lenses. Operating on a global scale, they have offices across Canada, one of which is located in Montreal. 
In view of the large number of employees working in their Montreal offices, Essilor mandated us to expand and revitalize their cafeteria. The purpose of this expansion project was also to host their clients for events and presentations.
Following approval of the new layout, our team was mandated to develop two concepts that put forward two completely different environments. In a participatory process, the two concepts were put to the vote of the employees, who are the primary cafeteria users.
To create a user-friendly ambiance within the cafeteria, we separated the space into zones of different sizes using movable glass walls, which make it easy to adapt the space while highlighting Essilor’s core business: glass. These glass arches make it easy to delimit areas without compromising on the lighting ambience. Various rounded architectural elements also bring warmth and comfort to the layout, while echoing the shape of the eye.