Farmhouse in the Metro

Mixed Use Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Architect / Designer: Carelle Samantha Nantes

Country: Philippines

With technological improvements and the rise of urbanization, people will eventually live vertically. Why not also farm vertically? To address this, the researcher proposes Vertical Farming to urban residential buildings in Metro Manila to improve food security for the city amid the restricted movement imposed due to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, and to possible causes of food disruption in the future, at the same time, promote urban agriculture as an important practice. The study will gather data from observing user activities living in condominium or residential units during the pandemic, reporting tools that are sourced from Non-Governmental Organizations, newspapers, and website articles, and lastly, existing data from local government units and offices which will aid in analyzing design considerations. The project is about finding agricultural ways and practices that are suitable for the residents in the urban setting and for further innovations that can be formulated to develop food security for the urban population.

The Philippines is an agricultural country with a land area of 30 million hectares and farming is one of our sources of food production but is now considered a marginalized sector. While the country developed through the centuries and the population continued to increase, the instinct of having a different way of life also emerged, making people opt to live in urban areas to strive for better job opportunities and/or education.

The gathered solutions make up a vertical farming complex that provides indoor and outdoor farming methods integrated into architecture that will not only be used in future developments but especially in old and existing buildings.