Frizzo Texture

Interior Design Elements Built

Professional Category

Studio: Greenplac MDF Industry and Hueck Designer Center

Architect / Designer: Hueck Designer Center

Design Team:

Hueck Designer Center
Lais Carelo
Sandra Somacal

Country: Brazil

Copyright: Raquel Urso

With a soft touch beaded finish, Frizzo is related to contemporary architecture that balances technology with the essential concept. This new texture brings out sophistication and exclusivity to the furniture, such as a signature piece.

Innovative in the sector, this MDF finish is currently only achieved through expensive and inaccessible resources, however Frizzo comes as an opportunity to enable the population’s access to elegant and unique furniture.


Greenplac MDF Industry and Hueck Designer Center LogoGreenplac MDF Industry and Hueck Designer Center

A MDF finish that brings out elegance, sophistication and exclusivity with a better cost benefit to all population.