House Sofia

Commercial Interior Design Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Prosvirin Design

Architect / Designer: Prosvirin Ruslan

Design Team:

Prosvirin Ruslan
Dmitry Prosvirin- Designer
Kostiantyn Tormashev – Architect
Tseselskaya Ekaterina – Drawer
Myroshnyk Tatiana – Project manager
Fomina Irina – Partner Manager

Country: Ukraine

Imagine an ideal home in picturesque Bulgaria where modern style and warm tones create harmony and coziness. The interior design of this house brings pleasure to stay and inspires every day.

The foundation of the project is the use of warm tones that give a natural elegance. The living room will become a spacious and comfortable place to relax, where soft lines of sofas and armchairs create a pleasant atmosphere. In the bedroom, you will be immersed in comfort and tranquility thanks to delicate fabrics, elegant furniture, and a relaxing color palette.

The kitchen will become a culinary corner that combines functionality and style. The use of modern technology and high-quality materials will create a space where cooking becomes an art.

The bathroom will become a sanctuary of relaxation, where gentle tones and exquisite accessories create a spa-like atmosphere.

This interior design project will turn the house into a unique space that reflects the client’s style and inspires new achievements.


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