Infinite Sofa

Product Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: GOODO design

Architect / Designer: Hanson Dong

Design Team:

Hanson Dong Founder/Design Director

Country: China

Copyright: Hanson Dong

This sofa is designed to bring closer the social distance between people in the post-pandemic era and bring about fun and surprises.
It is inspired by the oriental Tai Chi Symbol that implies the philosophies of Yin and Yang as well as infinity and represents the balance between dynamic and static. One can rock back and forth on the sofa. At home, interacting with family members on the sofa can add fun to life. In a public place, rocking on the sofa can defuse the awkwardness between strangers. Nowadays, people tend to have their heads buried in their phones. That’s why more interaction with each other is encouraged.
You can interact and exchange with your kids, other family members, and friends on it. The curved outer shell allows the user to rock back and forth and have a fun experience. Cushions in varied sizes and degrees of softness meet the needs for comfort of different users.


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