INSIDE OUT, A History of Korean Photography 1929~1982

Publications and Advertising Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: hej

Architect / Designer: Kim Sunghoon

Country: Republic Of Korea

We designed a photo book for “Korean Photography Inside Out, 1929-1982,” the opening exhibition of MUSEUM HANMI SAMCHEONG.
It is a historical exhibition that looks back on the 50 years of Korean photography, and it follows the footsteps of what institutional conditions Korean photography made history from 1929 to 1982. Over the years, we reviewed and organized the “Im Eung-sik scrapbook,” the largest archive of Korean photographers owned by Museum Hanmi. We found the lost link of Korean photographers and planned“Korean Photography Inside Out, 1929-1982” while filling in the vacancy of “Scrapbook.” It is hoped that the Korean photography and cultural world will share the results of this exhibition, which seeks to examine the history of Korean photography in a new way.


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