Interior Product Design Elements Concept

Student Category

Studio: Chi-Hao Chiang

Architect / Designer: Chi-Hao Chiang

Design Team:

Chi-Hao Chiang
Zhixian Song

Country: United States

The staircase design, Karst, is named from the Karst terrain, which is famous for solutional caves.
Its cave form can allow people to see and hear the flowing water, and the function can create the process that acid rain acts with the bags of crushed oyster shells to reduce ocean acidification by absorbing carbon dioxide. The water containing dissolved bicarbonates can contribute an alkaline (High pH) source as an antacid to help neutralize acidified ocean.
Also, its modular water-filtering system can bring the sensation of nature into the house, connecting the community of humans and water.


Chi-Hao Chiang LogoChi-Hao Chiang

Chi-Hao Chiang is an avid gamer, amateur Hip-Hop dancer, and a cross-field industrial designer with a mechanical engineering background.

Coming from Taiwan with a BA in mechanical engineering, He completed his Master’s Degree in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in May 2021.

Chi-Hao possesses sensitivity for connecting the concept and fabrication phases in industrial design. Focus on the interrelationship between form and function. He believes every design is reasonable and supported by research.

Holding passion and inspiration in the interaction between humans and objects, he aims to spark a more vital and positive community bonding through his design.