Kuzubağ Wine Facility

Custom Landscape Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: DS Landscape & Architecture

Architect / Designer: Deniz Aslan

Design Team:

Project Name: Kuzubağ Project
Location: Çal / Denizli
Project Office: DS Landscape Architecture
Design Team: Deniz Aslan, Doğu Ayan, Zeliha Erdoğan Akkurt
Project Team: Beril Edincgil, Esra Okut
Architectural Project Team: DCD
Architecture Project Manager: Salih Kuzu
Employer: Kuzubağ
Main Contractor: Dekar Yapı ve Yatırım AŞ.
Concept Design: DS Landscape Architecture
Landscape Project: DS Landscape Architecture
Implementation Project: DS Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design: DS Landscape Architecture
3D Visualization: DS Landscape Architecture
Site Manager: Tuncay Şahin
Land Area (m2): 7500m2
Total Construction Area (m2):7500m2

Country: Turkey

Copyright: Tom Fellows- Doğu Ayan- Cemal Emden


Around 40% of Turkey’s wine production is sourced from Denizli’s Çal Region. Kuzubağ Wine Facility is the strongest candidate to be the leader of the Çal Winery Route with its exclusive location.
The project’s main motivation comes from the extraordinary landscape in between the geomorphologies and the surrounding textures. Our landscaping project has crowned Kuzubağ’s architecture and the unique geomorphologic properties of the location.

Visitors are guided to the entrance from Vineyard Road – Cypress. A tectonic topography was created between the entrance, courtyard, amphitheater, and the terrace with the help of the landscape elements. Along the pathway, where the plants of the region are located, textures, colors, and smells give visitors an indigenous experience. The use of soil, concrete, and soil colors resulting from treatment in concrete; this pattern is matched with indigenous occlusive elements, and the latter rise to the upper part of the building, thus, creating its path, view, and activity areas. It also allows us to see all the connectivity involved in the pattern.

The sense of “belonging” can be felt over the site and the building with the help of the landscaping, which became one with its surrounding. It influences the building and blends in with the context, not drawing unnecessary attention to itself. The upper elevation of the facility can be reached by following the water element as a representation of the irrigation system in the vineyards and circulates the courtyard. Courtyard’s material selection and the olive tree in the middle are a manifestation of the user returning to earth with a reflection of light, and a single tree is a very special ground texture. In addition to the use of local materials, the whole composition links the building to the characteristic of Çal’s geomorphology.


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