Lighting Product Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: ASlight Lighting Design Studio

Architect / Designer: Anna Sbokou, Alexandra Stratou and Melina Lasithiotaki

Design Team:

Design & Coordination: ASlight
Architect: DECA architecture
Fabrication: Site-speficic / Thanasis Kalkanis
Client: Private

Country: United Kingdom

Copyright: Gavriilux And Yiorgis Yerolymbos

‘Lanturn’ is inspired by the traditional glass lanterns that existed before the invention of electricity. The lanturn has an 45° angled, aged bronze body, with brass detailing, fitted with an LED COB on the top and all visible elements, including the glass, are eliminated. It features a charging input and touch dim. A special wall bracket acts as a charging dock and a hanger for the luminaire. ‘Lanturn’ is designed to work as a fixed and portable luminaire, both indoors and outdoors, with a unique design of body, handle and bracket. You can pick it up for a wonder to explore the night scape.


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AS light is an award-winning team of independent lighting designers, founded by Anna Sbokou in 2009 in London. In 2014 the Athens studio was also established. The team is made of 6 permanent members and 5 external collaborators of various specialization in lighting design and lighting related sectors. Completed works includes high profile exhibitions, leisure, high-end hospitality, commercial, exterior and residential projects, all around the world. In full support of the spirit of collaboration, ASlight also frequently participates in international lighting design teams as external consultant.