Petersburger Platz

Housing Multi-Family Architecture Built

Professional Category

Studio: wolff:architekten

Architect / Designer: Roland Wolff

Design Team:

Lennart Wolff, Victoria Rose, Ana Navarro, Consuelo Montaner, Anna-Katharina Schmitt, Johannes Armanazi, Peter Kruse

Country: Germany

Copyright: Johannes Armanazi

At Petersburger Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain, the typical Berlin theme of firewall construction was reinterpreted as an addition to a side wing in an inner-city location. In response to the need for spatially differentiated inner-city redensification, a building structure was developed that not only maintains the necessary distances through staggering, but also develops an emphasized verticality. The division into closed rendered volumes, clinker brick surfaces and window grids created a building that generates a certain degree of complexity and different effects of the building mass.
Eleven apartments were created on seven floors, with a variety of different floor plans, from two- to four-room apartments. Each of the apartments has a spacious balcony or terrace areas. The apartments opening onto the garden on the first two levels are designed as maisonettes with interior access. The outdoor areas are thus partially accessible as communal areas and, in the area of the maisonettes, small private gardens.
The issue of efficient development and especially the requirements for escape staircases is a central aspect in the context of redensification. For the project at Petersburger Platz, a solution was developed in which the stairwell can be reached via an open balcony located on the facade.


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