ShenZhen HuangLongPo nine-year coherent School

Educational Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Yijing architectural design

Architect / Designer: He Mincong

Design Team:

Chen Peng, Sun Mingyang,Zhang Yanting

Country: China

The HuangLongPo nine-year coherent School located in the CBD area of LongGang district in ShenZhen and close to the LongCheng square subway station, so it has very convenient transportation. The total land area of the site is 31160.5 ㎡.

The site of school is divided into two part , East and West separated by Daxing Road. the West site is the junior high school teaching area, and the East site is the primary school teaching area. The right side of the land is next to the city park and LingNan cultural ancestral hall which on-going construction. In order to create contact and cultural park, we will block through a long corridor in series to form a culture of the main shaft, and the set the building into six knowledge exploration, learning, reading, and activities of the compound, constitute a whole education park, west of land covers the junior middle school teaching (buildings, an art, staff dormitory building and sports area). The main teaching buildings of junior high school are arranged along the south and north to form several enclosed courtyard Spaces, and connected with the complex building and the art building through the connecting corridor; The sports area is located at the easternmost side of the west block, which is an 11-meter-high double-level sports playground. The first floor of the playground is equipped with a basketball court, badminton court, swimming pool and other multi-functional activity places. The cross-street corridor solves the problem of the separation between the east and the west blocks and facilitates the common use of the two teaching areas.

The east of site is mainly a primary school teaching area. In order to facilitate more daylighting and closer to the urban park, all teaching buildings are arranged along the north-south direction. The school courtyards are open along the park, so that the greenery view can penetrate into the campus along with the landscape axis.

The campus has four entrances . The main pedestrian entrances of primary and junior schools are set on the north side of the West site, facing the central courtyard ; The secondary entrance is located on DaXing Road with large gardens. The main pedestrian entrance of the primary school is set on the west side of the East site , safety for nearby students to go to school.

We have maximised school space with different courtyard and gardens, by a modern way to created an open, modern and vibrant learning environment.


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