Shenzhen PinShan 24-hours commercial complex

Commercial Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Yijing architectural design

Architect / Designer: He mincong

Design Team:

Xiao lijun,Chen peng,Zhou lixin,Zen qingqing

Country: China

Shenzhen PinShan 24-hours commercial complex is located on the north side of BYD Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen. The southeast corner of the land is the Shitai ancestral hall——a preserved historical building. On the south side is BYD factory, surrounded by Urban Villages with a height of 15-20m. The site is about 36200 square meters and far away from the core area of the city. the main purpose of the design is to activate the vitality of the block and provide commercial space and better urban walking space for residents. But how to overcome these problems and create a 24-hour Community commercial complex ? Firstly, through different function “ boxes” to form the four-floor open-air commercial block. Several outdoor Terraces and commercial streets will be created. It provide a flexible outdoor commercial space, which can flexibly meet a variety of commercial formats and functions according to the needs of future investment promotion.

Consumer flow rate is the key success of the commercial complex, in order to attract more consumer and create a unique trendy commercial street. We create three different theme pedestrian streets. The water street represent Lingnan culture and history it connect the Shitai ancestral hall and public square in the southeast . The ecological street provide a greenery leisure space, it has small book shops, tea bar, coffee, Restaurant shops etc. And 3D experience street provide people more fun and interesting shopping environment , the LCD screen and lighting will changes between different time and festival. In the center of the PinShan 24hours commercial complex is a 600㎡Sunken square this celebration space will accommodate diverse events, exhibitions, and impromptu social gatherings.
A long wooden walkways connect the Pinshan 24hours commercial complex from bottom to top, provide diverse spaces for people handout, outdoor movies, small shops and other activities. On the top is a circle sky bridge for jogging and small train. We hope to create a future shopping patterns, Pushing the boundaries of traditional shopping malls, let people have fun in 24 hours.


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