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Studio: Let’s design

Architect / Designer: Yuliia Podolets + Vitaliy Lytvyn + Volodymyr Balandukh

Design Team:

Yuliia Podolets + Vitaliy Lytvyn + Volodymyr Balandukh

Country: Ukraine

Copyright: Nick Korsun

The project about emotions, about what is behind this interior. When you have the walls of a 1916 townhouse in your hands, the first feeling is embarrassment. You understand that everything here is filled with a history of more than a hundred years. The task was to preserve interior items, which are a source of the unusual, filled with the past atmosphere and will of new life in it.
In the photo you will notice a kitchen hearth, Art Nouveau stoves, doors, artistic parquet, furniture and chandeliers. One of them was made in 1934 in Poland. We found that the lamp factory is still working. And as a part of light composition we took our lamps. The constellation Spacelights as the author’s touch on the history of this apartment. No, we did not remove the parquet. It was sanded, plastered and varnished on site. As well as door panels. We kept the living room decorated with artistic parquet and a stove with a crown made with Ukrainian tiles of 1916th times, and a bedroom with English type parquet as was intended by the architect. We saved the scar on the living room wall from the electric cable that cut the wall diagonally to the TV. In memory of the Stalinis ideology times in Lviv. The kitchen was the most difficult task. The first was a kitchen hearth. To preserve it not only as a sculpture of time, but also to endow it with the function of cooking. And then we supplemented the picture with new elements that will only emphasize a basis. Some of them speak of the Secession era in Lviv as a painting on the wall by artist Vlodko Grai. Others about the 70’s – a restored armchairs and coffee table, chest of drawers, bedside tables. And the details that are inherent in our era have closed the full picture of the next life in this apartment.
Such project is a vivid example of the movement of sustainable design in preserving values ​​and filling them with new senses.


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Interior design & architecture studio Let’s design was created in 2013.
Its co-founders are Yuliia Podolets and Vitaliy Lytvyn. Areas of work: public design, residential design, architectural
design, implementation of turnkey projects.
Let’s design studio is a team true connoisseurs of their craft, who
passionately believe that everyone should have a thoughtful environment that nurtures and supports them in their life.
Work on a project is a unique dynamic process during which
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