The Eagle – Mountain Top Restaurant

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Studio: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH

Architect / Designer: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH

Design Team:

Hubert Hebesberger
Gernot Kraut
Martina Haller
Bernhard Viereck

Country: Austria

Copyright: Viereck Architekten Zt-GmbH

Considering the beautiful landscape, we decided to create a less interfering design which relates to its surroundings.
Since the project time frame (1year) was extremely tight, we collaborated with other professionals (Façade, M+E) based on an accurate 3dBIM model, which was a great time saving asset.
Approached by the client to create a rock-shaped building for a new mountain-top restaurant, we decided to shape the building in a way so its facades are deriving from the orientation of the site itself and opening up to the views. The entire façade is built in glass, comprising of closed and transparent panels. The lower floor is built in prefabricated concrete elements, although the main floor is entirely built up in timber. Large visible CLT beams define the restaurant space and are organized in a star- shape to add a dramatic ceiling design. The ceiling is covered with perforated timber acoustic panels which serve as false ceiling where pipings are hidden. The whole interior space is filled with, especially for this building designed, bird- like pendant lamps, which are entirely made of compressed felt to create a bird swarm flying through the building, as reference to its contextual wildlife where eagles are very common. Large steel frames set within cascading timber panels are defining the bar interior design. A 15m long bar counter with backlit stone plates at the front and oak wood counter plate is completing the bar area.
The main restaurant can seat up to 200 people, another 200 can be seated at a large floor heated outdoor terrace.
Another highlight of the building is the “Eagle drive- in” at the lower part of the building, where skiers which do not want to be seated at the restaurant area, can enjoy quick snacks and drinks – even without unstrapping their skis.


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