The JYP’s Hospitality Room

Hospitality Interior Design Concept

Professional Category


Architect / Designer: Jean-Yves PRODEL

Country: France

Copyright: Jean-Yves PRODEL

I was inspired by my travels abroad and my wheelchair disability. I create with reflection on what defines for me a beautiful design, easy to understand and welcoming. I call it “The JYP’s Hospitality Room” As a result, I can imagine a 26m2 hotel room fully dedicated to the well-being of guests while ensuring satisfaction and maximized return on investment. The interior design of my bedroom concept for the differently abled is the most accessible in the world. Let me tell you why. First, the uniqueness of the project it doesn’t exist in such a handicap hotel room in the world with this full of comfort of accessibility according to my experiences. You can find a handicap hotel room with more space including some accessible equipment but never design in a universal design spirit of independence and comfort with security. What make the concept of the most accessible handicap room in the world is the fact that the person can be very independent because the room has installed a ceiling lifts to self-transferring from the bed to the toilet, the shower seat and a wheelchair. The bathroom is about 58,56 ft2 (5,44 m2) allows not only to all people, but also to users with lower-limb paralysis. The opening of the bathroom is done by automatic sliding doors to gain space for all users. The design of this space takes into account the preferences as well as the physical capacities of the people for a better flexibility of use, and a smart system will turn the light and close the curtains if you ask for. Each use of products such as a washbasin for all, the shower toilet that has never been used for the privacy of a disabled person and two showers, one where you can sit in a safe shower chair fixed on the wall that you can adjust the height and the distance and a second shower if you can stand up. The space usage of the 26 m2 including the bathroom is so functional with an emotional aspect that a person with a wheelchair will always come back in this unique handicap bedroom. All the products are designed to provide efficient and comfortable use, generating minimal fatigue. The ergonomic of this handicap room is so unique because all handicap requirement law has never been so far in man interaction. We must not forget that the number of Paralympic Games participants will increase by 8%. There were 4,350 athletes in Brazil. Rooms for people with disabilities will be very quickly booked. The concept is to offer other rooms than “PMR room” in French (Person with Reduced Mobility or Handicap Room) to the hospitality industry and, of course, to customers who do not wish to be stigmatized.



Our team is united around a strong commitment.
We create functional, comfortable and beautiful spaces while being accessible and non-stigmatizing.
​Starting from simple daily observations, we wondered why an elderly person or a person with a disability should systematically have the feeling of being in a medicalized place, whether at home or on vacation. Aesthetics are too often neglected under the pretext of meeting standards!
In our opinion, it is possible to create a pleasant and comfortable design while respecting the regulations.