Villa Trebel

Private Housing Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Nuno Ladeiro, arquitetura e design

Architect / Designer: Nuno Ladeiro

Design Team:

Carmo Branco, architect
Bárbara Raimundo, architect
Marta Carvalho, Designer
Pedro Fernandes, Designer

Country: Portugal

Copyright: Pedro Fernandes

The Trebel house is located next to Lisbon on a plot of 5,232.00 sqm with an implantation area of 323.09 sqm and a construction area of 372.21 sqm. The interior space with a living area of 163.11 sqm is divided into 2 floors in the north area and 1 floor in the south area. The architectural space is fluid and has a modern design with geometric lines, with emphasis on the wooden structure that encloses a winter garden at the main entrance of the house, which faces north. The house provides a living space oriented for indoor/outdoor use. From any room on the 1st floor, we can access the outside space, namely the patio with a large area where four small olive blossoms stand out as well as an extensive swimming pool area covered with permeable deck flooring. Besides the swimming pool is a jacuzzi, an outdoor shower and a space with leisure facilities, with a recess in the floor covered by a bioclimatic pergola. The project was made with basic criteria of passive solar architecture, with the aim of ensuring interior spaces with high thermal comfort and good insolation through design, geometry, orientation and building construction solutions, adapted to the climatic conditions of the place. The goal was to respect the plot and regulating principles based not only on the morphology and typology of the area but also on the volumes, heights and dominant alignments with other constructions in the neighborhood. The Trebel house is in perfect harmony with the outdoor space, with an emphasis on the landscape ambience that integrates paved surfaces with diversified trees and shrub species, mostly Mediterranean, with low water consumption, such as the Garrigue (a plant formation consisting of small shrubs that are relatively sparse). The main species in the garden, in addition to those that already exist on the plot such as pine, are Garrigue, Buxo, Carrasco, Alecrim, Rosmaninho, Alfazema and Timo. To access the garage wee took special attention to the natural characteristics of the plot and we modulated the land to fit the construction, in which the differences in elevations caused by the excavation, ensure, between the new platform and the natural terrain, a slope or a vertical plane with retaining walls that establish height differences of less than 3 meters. The interiors are organized with a large social area, consisting of the entrance hall and circulation space from which we can access a common room with a living area and kitchen. This space has a double height ceiling with large glazed surfaces and sliding frames that allow you to enjoy the outdoor space in the hottest periods of the year. From the kitchen there is a connection to an outdoor space for a barbecue, located on the south-facing terrace. Over the kitchen space is also a mezzanine that allows access to an outdoor balcony facing east/south. The private area of the house is located on the second level, in the east.


Nuno Ladeiro, arquitetura e design LogoNuno Ladeiro, arquitetura e design

Unlike most architects, Nuno Ladeiro started his career working on large-scale projects in the 1990s in Portugal. As soon as he finished his studies he was invited to be the coordinator of the Detailed Plan III, for Expo 98 in Lisbon. Despite being very young, he coordinated this extremely complex urban project and worked with big names in the national and international architecture scene . Nowadays, in partnership with Carmo Branco, he is considered an expert in the development of global architectural projects, which include architecture and interior design.