Yangzhou Wenchangying Sign System Design

Brand Identity Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Miao Jing Tang Design

Architect / Designer: Qiu Shiguang

Country: China

This work takes Yangzhou as the background. Yangzhou has been known as the Moon City since ancient times, and has the reputation of “two bright moons”.
“Yueying Wenchang: Inheritance and Reunion” is the theme of this work.
Environmental graphics and Chinese character design are one of the core elements. With the theme of “Moon Reflecting Wenchang” and “Initiation, Succession, Transformation and Combination”, from the Lin Yin House in the center to the Spring Rest, a total of eight small scenes are divided into four parts: the reflection of the moon, the reflection of the stars, the reflection of the bamboo, and the reflection of the wood. Corresponding to the progress of the entire building complex, this change is also represented by the moon, which respectively represent starting, inheriting, turning, and combining. When the viewer enters the place, he has the intention of changing scenes step by step, and feels the unity of the overall visual style.
A set of Chinese character graphic system was specially designed for small scenes name, and Tang poetry, Song poetry and English were integrated into the strokes of Chinese characters to present the cultural nature of the project and enhance the aesthetics. It not only inherits the beauty of Chinese classical poetry, but also expresses the modern visual design language.
The overall design combines nature and humanities, injecting oriental charm into it, creating a combination of traditional aesthetics and nature.