YiFang Courtyard

Residential Interior Design Concept

Professional Category

Studio: Oriental Concept Design

Architect / Designer: Zao Lee

Design Team:

Zao Lee, Yongbin Zeng

Country: China

Yifang Courtyard located in Kangxian is well acquainted with the poetic nature of landscapes and uses natural mountain colors as the texture to create a courtyard in the sky hidden in the mountains, miniaturizing the world in one courtyard, and enjoying the scenery in one place. People lives near the forest among the mountains and clouds, hidden in the body and mind. This project is located between the natural mountains and sits on the high point of the area. The right location makes the project itself a natural habitat. With the theme of “Sky Courtyard”, it explores the relationship between life, architecture and nature, and seek to find peace in people’s heart. The deep longing, through the warm poetry in the fireworks of the world, returns to the appearance of life itself.
Only with the space design based on the details of life, can the interaction and inner connection between the user and the space be truly constructed. The design takes returning to nature as the design soul. The proper scale and concise architectural lines are very close to nature. Surrounded by forests and vegetation, the environment is quite livable. The building is perfectly integrated with nature, presenting a low-key, simple and beautiful poetic feeling of the building.
The use of materials is not too complicated. The most simple materials and pure surface treatment are used to simplify the design elements, colors and lighting to the greatest extent, so as to add a natural and comfortable atmosphere to the interior. Large-area floor-to-ceiling windows introduce natural light sources to the maximum extent, so that every part of the space presents a kind of nature and comfort.
In our own courtyard, you can enjoy the mountains and rivers, enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, and unfold an elegant and quiet picture of poetic life in the middle of nature.


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