AFC furniture solutions – Client experience centre and office

Office Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Beyond Design Architects and Consultants

Architect / Designer: Alhad Gore

Design Team:

Alhad Gore, Ajay Tonpe, Indrajit Roy, Vishal Makkam

Country: India

Copyright: Prashant Bhat

When client approached us to design Furniture display center + Office space, we were thrilled to see the architectural space!

Glass Box facing to North and East and Steel structure made it appear very light. The structure also has a lot of green areas around.

Hence the design ideology is based on focusing on the products with the overall space acting as the backdrop. Also, in terms of material pallet, we kept it rustic like using hardened concrete flooring and not doing any false ceiling in the open office area whereby one can still see the decking slab.

The double height atrium enhances the entry experience while the central atrium with palm trees continues to connect with the outdoors.

We attempted not to block any natural light to appreciate the products in a better way. Graphics and branding were very carefully thought of and the same was integrated in the design phase right from the concept stage. This being a client experience center and the display products can keep changing over a period of time, the space was designed to be flexible enough to accommodate changes that would be the need of the future.

The color scheme for the floor, walls and ceiling was muted in the display area subtly acting as the backdrop for the products. While in the office area, few bold colors and graphics was explored to make the space vibrant and lively.

Natural plants played a pivotal role in connecting the exterior with the interior space and creating a soothing ambience.


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