Cambridge Palace

Renovation Interior Design Built

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Studio: Schédio Spaces

Architect / Designer: Jenalee Nordstrom

Design Team:

Lead Designer: Jenalee Nordstrom
Construction: Schédio Spaces

Country: Canada

Copyright: Janis Nicolay

This two-bedroom condo on a beautiful cherry blossom lined street in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver was in desperate need of a complete redesign. The kitchen was entirely enclosed and nearly inoperable with less than a single foot of functional counter space.

The unit’s orientation invited ample natural light into the space, which created an ever-changing dance of shadows, inspiring much of the conceptual design for the project. I exploited this by utilizing negative space to create new lines and shadows that change in intensity as you interact with the space.

As with many apartments with small footprints, storage and functional utilization was of optimal importance, however I had no desire to use any traditional or obvious solutions to this problem. Instead, I opted to create a covert slat wall creatively disguising a full wall of floor to ceiling storage. We painted it a chameleon-esque green tone that highlighted the poetic interplay of shadows which present themselves as you move throughout the space and view the wall from alternative angles.

Further extending the creative functionality, I designed a custom built-in eating banquette with a hidden white oak lift up top, perfect for storing the impressive boardgame collection that these clients held dear. The white oak detailing perfectly complimented the newly created workstation that included pull out drawers, textured metal shelving and backed with a largescale mirror that acts as a window reflecting light into the space and creating the illusion of spaciousness in the otherwise spatially challenged living space.

In the bathroom I played with mixed materials combining a muted playful terrazzo and a classic 2×2” textured square mosaic tile. Accenting with matte black finishes and white oak details culminated to achieve a clean and sleek aesthetic with a modern sensibility.

Ultimately, I created an open flow concept with alluring warmth and textural accents that brought striking visual interest that tempts you to explore and interact with the space in innovative and unexpected ways.


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Our design ethos can best be understood by examining the etymology of our company’s name.
In Greek, Schédio means “design”, derived from the root “sche-don”, meaning “nearly, almost, about or approximately.” From its Greek root, design considers the ideas of incompleteness, indefiniteness, or imperfection, yet also embraces likelihood, expectation and anticipation. In the largest sense, design signifies not only the vague intangible, or ambiguous, but also the strive to capture the elusive.