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Studio: Beourfriend Space

Architect / Designer: Beourfriend Space

Design Team:

Panupong Jitpratuk
Ladawan Jindatrairat
Waiyawoot Nirasphai
Arreenut Archathewan
Thansiri Soodsawangwong
Palita Tungjaroen
Kasemmika Ngamkham
Pakpoom Jirasarpanant
Kraipark Sanpa-udom

Country: Thailand

Copyright: Thanawatchu Creative Production

“Breaking the Boundaries”
Firster, an E-Commerce platform, opened its first online to offline (O2O) Flagship Store at Mahanakhon Building, Bangkok, Thailand in 2022. Firster Flagship Stores are designed based on the idea of fulfilling the missing point of online shopping to help create a brand-new seamless retail experience from its first online impression till offline engagement.

Spaces are seamlessly connected with no boundaries. The design team strategically designed product zoning to smoothly merge in between lifestyle gadgets and beauty items. The ‘Firster Bar’ was designed based on the color scheme of the Firster’s Color gradient System mixed with the unique pixelate structure of Mahanakorn building. The design team then uses Firster Bar as a key element of the design, shooting through Mahanakorn building in a non-linear direction to create a sense of excitement, unexpected and fun. Due to its bright and intriguing material and shape, it is then also used as a guiding element that leads you to explore one space to another.

Firster Flagship Store is not only trying to enhance the experience of online to offline shopping but also the first to break the norm of retail shopping experience in Thailand in various aspects, including design, material, planning and the most important aspect, experience.


Beourfriend Space

Hi, We are be>our>friend Strategic and Else design studio. Our aims are to create work that both aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully function. We comprise of 4 studios where everyone is a thinker and doer at the same time. Please feel free to say hi! and be friend with us.