Georgian Bar Association Office

Office building Architecture Built

Professional Category

Studio: TSUTSKIRIDZE Architectural bureau [tab]

Architect / Designer: David Tsutskiridze

Country: Georgia

Copyright: David Tsutskiridze

The project area is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project building is the office of the Georgian Bar Association, and the City Court and Prosecutor’s Office buildings are located in the area adjacent to the project area, meaning the area is an ideal place for the project building and its function. The plot of land has no uniform relief and is a rise, from which the magnificent view of the city can be seen. The project building is structural architecture, a combination of concrete and glass. The building has 2 floors, both floors of the building are for office purposes. The public spaces in the building are open, with the main idea being the atrium, which covers both floors. The territory is harmoniously combined with the landscape.


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